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54. Brewington JJ, Backstrom J, Feldman A, Kramer E, Zhu X, Ostmann AJ, Lu LJ and Clancy JP (2018). Chronic β2AR activation limits CFTR function in human airway epithelia. JCI Insight. (in press)

53. Zhu X, Shah AS, Swertfeger DK, Li H, Ren S, Melchior JT, Gordon SM, Davidson WS and Lu LJ (2018). High density lipoproteins-associated proteins and subspecies related to arterial stiffness in young adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Complexity. 2018

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* The average number of times being cited for all peer-reviewed papers that have been published for at least 6 months is 27.6 as of July, 2007. H-Index is 12 as of September 2011.

* Four have been selected among top 10 papers by Faculty of 1000 in the sub-fields of bioinformatics or structural biology.

* The name of my lab member is underscored.